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East Rand Electrical Wholesalers have been in the electrical wholesale industry for the past 47 years. We pride ourselves in being one step ahead and working closely with our suppliers to constantly introduce new market innovations. East Rand Electrical Wholesalers has the perfect solutions to all your electrical needs & at great competitive prices.

As a leader in electric wholesales in Johannesburg, in fact South Africa East Rand Electrical Wholesalers have what you are looking with a variety of products from an electrical switchgear or heating elements to electrical cables and DB boards.   

East Rand Electrical Specials

Visit this page regularly, where we promise to award you with regular specials. The current special is on Pharox L.E.D Lamps:


 * 220v 5.5w GU10 warm white 3000k R174.01 incl vat

* 12v 5w GU5.3 warm white 3100k R232.24 incl vat

* 220v 8w E27 Ambiance light 400 flame 2200k R202.53 incl vat

* 220v 8w B22 warm white 400 2700k R207.32 incl vat

* 220v 8w E27 warm white 400 2700k R207.32 incl vat

* 220v 8w E27 warm white 500 3000k R242.72 incl vat

* 220v 8w E27 natural white 500 4000k R242.72 incl vat

* 220v 9w B22 warm white 600 2700k R317.60 incl vat

* 220v 5w E14 candle warm white 200 2700k R122.47 incl vat

* 220v 5w E27 warm white P45 2700k R125.54 incl vat

 * 220v 6w B22 Ambiance light 300 flame 2200k R167.18 incl vat

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