East Rand Electrical Wholesalers

East Rand Electrical Wholesalers have been part of the electrical wholesale industry for the past 52 years. We pride ourselves in being one step ahead and working closely with our suppliers to constantly introduce new market innovations. East Rand Electrical Wholesalers has the perfect solutions to all your electrical needs at great competitive prices.

As a leader in electric wholesales in Johannesburg South Africa, East Rand Electrical Wholesalers have what you are looking for, with a variety of products from electrical switch-gear or heating elements to electrical cables and DB boards, as well as lighting and safety equipment. Chat to our friendly staff about DELIVERY of your order.  

Please note that we often experience Telkom issues, in this event, please feel free to contact us on these alternative numbers:


gaylinGaylin :083 603 3841 gaylin@erew.co.za

mandyMandy: 083 229 9033 mandy@erew.co.za

wendyWendy: 071 443 9392 wendy@erew.co.za

jennyJenny: 071 675 5978 jenny@erew.co.za


ceymoneCeymone: 083 601 7417 ceymone@erew.co.za


candiceCandice : 079 753 2617  candice@erew.co.za

zitoZito : 073 178 9304 zito@erew.co.za

darryl photoDarryl : 083 226 2329 darryl@erew.co.za

We would like to thank you for the continued support.


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