East Rand Electrical: Our Vision and Mission

East Rand Electrical has been an integral part of the South African electrical wholesale industry for just over the last five decades. Playing an integral part in the development of the industry, we pride ourselves on market innovations, working closely with suppliers to ensure the best quality product and service possible.

As a leader in the South African wholesale market, we boast a wide selection of premium products. Making sure our clients can get what they need, when they need it, our extensive range caters to items from DB boards to electrical switch gears. As a brand with power behind its name, East Rand Electrical holds our vision and mission in high regard. Over the years we have strived to grow not only the wholesale side of the business, but also broaden our range of services available to clients. With a proud history of being a step ahead of the competition, we aim to maintain this momentum and continue to grow moving ever forward. more…

Our Electrical Store In East Rand

At our Electrical Store East Rand Electrical our counter services go well beyond simply taking orders. We are prepared to take on any challenge our contractors may face while on a job site. It is our focus to provide you with the items you require when you require it. We offer job site visits and lighting designs. We make you job our job and ensure that you don’t experience down time.

South Africa is a fast growing economy characterized by a lot of construction work in almost every city and town. As East Rand Electrical, we’ve been part of the electrical wholesale industry for the past 52 years. With all this industry experience, we have naturally evolved with the electrical solutions and now pride ourselves in our ability and capacity to offer perfect electrical solutions to meet your needs at great competitive prices.   more…

Electrical Supplies – Energy Saving Globes at East Rand Electrical

energy saving globesEastrand Electrical Wholesalers offer a wide range of innovative electrical supplies. We aim to be the leading electrical wholesaler in the market by providing customers with quality products. If you are looking for electrical items to fit outside your garage or office parking lot we can assist you in making an informed decision.

Included in our range of electrical items are mercury vapour and mercury blended globes. These globes are more energy efficient when compared to incandescent and most fluorescent lights. For those who do not know the difference between the two, below we take a look at the each globe individually.


Electrical Supplies – Electrical Switchgear Accessories

Electrical Switchgear


 East Rand Electrical specialises in the provision of electrical switchgear accessories and industrial sockets. Our products are sourced from manufactures who are leaders in their respective fields. This assists us in constantly providing valued customers with durable quality products that meet their requirements.Included in our range of products and electrical items are switchgear accessories and industrial sockets.



Innovative Light Fittings at East Rand Electrical


crystal chandeliers


Light fittings add an important element to any household decor. They can be used to enhance your unique style. You can utilize different types of light fittings in order to get the perfect feel in your home. East Rand Electrical Wholesalers strive to be a leading supplier of electrical items in the market. We offer a variety of products such as LED lamps, chandeliers and pendant lights. Our range of light fittings includes: 




East Rand Electrical, Where the Electrical Industry Shops


east rand electrical If you have ever experienced the frustration of spending an entire day trundling from store to store looking for a really specific electrical item, one store no longer stocks the item, another has never even heard of the item, and your last hope sold the last one in stock just the other day! This scenario is all too familiar and unfortunately all too common for many home DIY enthusiasts and professionals working in the electrical industry alike.



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