East Rand Electrical: Our Vision and Mission

East Rand Electrical has been an integral part of the South African electrical wholesale industry for just over the last five decades. Playing an integral part in the development of the industry, we pride ourselves on market innovations, working closely with suppliers to ensure the best quality product and service possible.

As a leader in the South African wholesale market, we boast a wide selection of premium products. Making sure our clients can get what they need, when they need it, our extensive range caters to items from DB boards to electrical switch gears. As a brand with power behind its name, East Rand Electrical holds our vision and mission in high regard. Over the years we have strived to grow not only the wholesale side of the business, but also broaden our range of services available to clients. With a proud history of being a step ahead of the competition, we aim to maintain this momentum and continue to grow moving ever forward.

As a company offering products and services to South Africa, our mission is to uphold the same high standards we have become renowned for. Not only in product but service as well, we strive to push the industry forward. Not only in efficiency, but integrity as well, our aim is to raise the standards of the industry in South Africa. With a drive to always be better than before, our history plays a huge part in driving the brand forward.

Our vision is a clear one. East Rand Electrical Wholesalers aims to provide its client base with a friendly and efficient environment, ensuring not only comfort, but ease with every transactions. Our staff is dedicated to creating a professional setting within which you can gain valuable insight into your electronics and electric systems. Customer issues are dealt with timeously and efficiently, allowing for effective and purposeful communication.

Driven by customer loyalty, our mission lies around the quality of service we provide. Understanding the strength of consumer loyalty in business, we strive to always ensure our clients receive only the top quality products and services when dealing with our brand. We plan to continue leading the way in the electrical wholesaler industry, creating a value-for-money service that cannot be beaten. Over the years, our dedication to our customers helps us to better understand our market, which steps to take and when to take them.

With a knowledgeable team, we are creating a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. Our aim is to continue to grow and broaden horizons for our customers and the brand as a whole, moving continuously forward. 

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