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Electrical Switchgear


 East Rand Electrical specialises in the provision of electrical switchgear accessories and industrial sockets. Our products are sourced from manufactures who are leaders in their respective fields. This assists us in constantly providing valued customers with durable quality products that meet their requirements.Included in our range of products and electrical items are switchgear accessories and industrial sockets.


Switch gear accessories are all the components that protect and isolate electrical equipment in order for energy to be transmitted in the switch gear.  Industrial Sockets on the other hand are manufactured in order to provide the floor with electricity from the main source of energy. They are able to carry high voltage electricity when compared to standard household sockets.

Our range of switchgear accessories includes:

Fuses and Circuit Breakers

These two items are commonly considered to be the same but they are not.  They do serve a similar purpose; to protect an overloaded electrical circuit. Fuses are made out of a metal or glass casing that has a metal filament inside. Circuit breakers have a switch mechanism instead that allows you to rest the flow of the electricity. Eastrand Electrical offers affordable fuses and circuit breakers that are durable and efficient.  

Industrial Sockets

Industrial Sockets are utilized in a variety of industries, for instance in the entertainment and broadcast industry where it is used to transfer high voltage power. This electrical energy is then distributed to electrical equipment in the studio or on an outdoor broadcast. The benefit of using industrial sockets to transmit electricity is that you can attach a water proofing socket to it. Some industrial sockets have an interlocked switch on the pin, in order to prevent any accidental disconnections.


For more information on our range of switch gear accessories and industrial sockets contact Eastrand Electrical today.


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