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energy saving globesEastrand Electrical Wholesalers offer a wide range of innovative electrical supplies. We aim to be the leading electrical wholesaler in the market by providing customers with quality products. If you are looking for electrical items to fit outside your garage or office parking lot we can assist you in making an informed decision.

Included in our range of electrical items are mercury vapour and mercury blended globes. These globes are more energy efficient when compared to incandescent and most fluorescent lights. For those who do not know the difference between the two, below we take a look at the each globe individually.

Mercury Vapour Globes

These globes have a high intensity discharge lamp. The mercury vapour globe consists of an arc that can emit a bright light. Its colour rendering abilities are better than that of a high pressure sodium street light.  Mercury Vapour Globes are ideal for factories and large areas.

Mercury Blended Globes

The mercury blend globe is made of a mercury tube that runs proportionally with a tungsten filament. This tungsten filament is heated to a high temperature by the electric current passing through it, which makes it glow. The advantage of mercury blended lights is that they have a higher energy efficiency and extended lifespan. Eastrand Electrical can provide you with a variety of mercury blended globes that can easily be fitted in your car park or outside a garage.


For more information on mercury globes and other electrical items contact Eastrand Electrical Wholesalers today.

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